Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rescuers sent to China quake zone

Chinese rescue workers have been sent to areas worst hit by Saturday's magnitude 5.7 earthquake that left at least 14 people dead.
The teams were bringing food, water and tents to thousands of people whose their homes were flattened in the central province of Jiangxi.
Hundreds were injured in the earthquake and aftershocks have been reported.
The epicentre was near the city of Ruichang, where about 420,000 people left their homes fearing more tremors.
A total of 30,000 boxes of food and water have been delivered to the worst-hit areas, officials said.
The International Red Cross has sent 500 tents, and is expected to dispatch another 2,000 on Sunday.
About 8,000 homes have been destroyed.
"Basically, everyone in Ruichang is huddling in the street," a civil affairs official told AFP news agency.
Doctors treated people outside hospitals in case of new tremors, Xinhua news agency reported.
In nearby Jiujiang, thousands of people crowded the streets, following a series of aftershocks and fearing another strong quake.
Some wrapped themselves in blankets, with temperatures hovering at about 10C.
Zhang Xuping, 42, said his home in a village near Ruichang had cracks running down the walls.
Local officials told villagers not to stay indoors but had not provided any more information or assistance since, he said.
"We cut wood to build shelters," Mr Zhang said. "All of the people in the village stayed outdoors last night."
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